Drilling targets include the Upper Road Zone on Portage claim:

2018 VMS discovery hole PZ-18-01 cut

12.61% zinc, 12.94% lead,

0.21% copper, 133 g/tonne silver,

core length 1.35 m at 147 m depth.

Hole PZ18-01 Drilling Video

Portage zone in hole PZ18-01:


Cross Section Hole PZ18-01

3.19 m core interval at 279 m depth,

2.36% zinc 0.06% lead,

3.38 m interval at 266 m depth.

1.38% zinc 0.57% lead

2 holes by SLAM in 2018

19 historic drill holes

Float Occurrences grades  up to

8.64% zinc and 15.1% lead

south of  Upper Road Zone,


North Rim_AmagThe BMC property acquired by Eastern Zinc includes 2  the North Rim claims located near Trevali’s Caribou Mine as shown on the map to the left.  Several zinc-lead-copper-silver occurrences located on the North Rim claims are associated with strata similar to Caribou.


Lower 44 Project                  1350 hectares                         Zinc Lead Copper Silver



The Company also reported results fro trenching at Lower 44.  The program accurately located the Tribag zone which was discovered and drilled in 1962.  Five grab samples 535401 to 435405 were collected from excavated bedrock material in the trenches.  The zinc, lead, copper and silver values are significant because no assay results were published with the 1962 drilling report on the Tribag discovery.

Project Sample Zinc% Lead% Copper% Silver g/t
Lower 44 535401 0.03 0.29 0.10 15
Lower 44 535402 2.96 2.32 0.13 121
Lower 44 535403 12.60 7.22 0.53 107
Lower 44 535404 5.30 1.10 0.19 22
Lower 44 535405 1.39 8.37 0.55 88
Connector 535406 10.90 6.25 0.03 88

All 5 Lower 44 samples derive from a mineralized chert that is consistent with historic records and similar to the West Wedge zone located 700 m to the north. Lower 44 is underlain by the former Wedge copper mine, the West Wedge zone, the Essex zone and the Tribag zone.  The location is 20 km south of the Caribou mine owned and operated by Trevali Mining Corp.  The West Wedge zone was not accessible for trenching but drill collar locations for some previous drill holes were located.  SLAM may utilize these collar locations to plan future drilling on this occurrence.  The best drilling intercept to date is a 3.8 m core length grading 12.9% zinc, 5.35% lead, 0.78% copper, 70.6 g/tonne silver and 1.37 g/t gold reported from the West Wedge zone in 1983.

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