SLAM has discovered 2 gold bearing vein systems on the Menneval project.  Foremost is the Maisie Vein where the 2012 trenching program uncovered numerous sites of visible gold along the 700 m strike length of the zone.  The 2016 trenching and bulk sampling program focused on extraction of vein material from 2 high grade shoots known as the “Hook” and the “Blow”, as shown in the photographs below.

After excavation from the Blow, a metre wide vein was evident below and along strike from the high grade shoot as seen in the photo below.

Maisie Vein Northeast of the Blow

SLAM has put down 64 diamond drill holes for a total of 2178 m in 2012 and 2013 and traced the Maisie gold bearing vein system to a depth of 30 m.  The trenching program had already established a strike length of at least 700 m. Drill locations are shown on map below. The typical drilling pattern has 3 holes drilled from each setup at angles of 45, 60 and 70 degrees respectively. Selected gold-bearing sites discovered in the trenching program are shown as green diamonds.

Maisie Drill Hole Locaions



Gold-bearing quartz veins occur in 57 of the 64 holes over core intervals ranging from 0.1m up to 9.7 m.  Visible gold was noted in 8 holes MG1201, MG1211, MG1221, MG1224, MG1225, MG1226, MG1352 and MG1363. Grades range up to 121.00 g/t gold over 0.31 m and 22.97 g/t gold over 1.9m.


Maisie Geology

Other targets include Zone 9 where a series of trenches have unearthed a swarm of crosscutting quartz veins located 700 m south of the Maisie Zone shown on the map to the right. These veins are mineralized with minor limonite, goethite, hematite and pyrite similar to accessory minerals in the Maisie vein and range up to 1.2 m in thickness.

A related vein system, Zone 9 occurs 700 m southeast of the Maisie vein.  These veins formed by a gold generating hydrothermal system associated with the Grand Pabos fault, a major Appalachian structure that passes north of the property.

The photo below is a hand specimen of gold-bearing quartz from the Maisie discovery boulders with a close-up to the right showing visible gold. The photos are by Gary Tozer of Miramichi, NB.


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