Proposed Drilling, Previous Drill Holes

SLAM intends to drill 3 holes A, B and C to test beneath the historic workings as shown on the Prop DDH map when funds are available.  The first hole is designed to collar behind the site of the PCF crusher to avoid historic workings which extended as deep as 75 metres.

The main target is a 250 m thick section of the Uniacke dome that contains a series of vertical gold bearing leads and slate belts from the No 3 Lead to the Nuggety Lead. The target includes four former gold-producing slate belts (No 1 and 2 PCF and the No 1 and 2 Montreal) that ranged from 4 m to 6 m in thickness. In GSC memoir 156 published  in 1929, Faribault stated, “The large belts of mineralized slate and quartz which have been operated on the P. C. F., the Montreal, and the Phoenix properties have been found to carry regular values on the north and south zone of enrichment, and they still present a very promising field, for extensive mining of low grade ore.” 


Property Map – Gold Slate Belts, Leads

At surface, the mineralized dome extends much further south past the Nuggety Lead for a total thickness in excess of 600 m. Faribault traced the Nuggety Lead over a strike length of 1,900 metres.  Historic working rarely reached a depth of 75 metres at Uniacke.  The full scope of the gold-bearing structures on the Uniacke dome is outlined in general terms on the Property map.




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