Technology Complements Traditional Exploration Tools

SLAM identified several targets for gold exploration in the Menneval based upon regional geochemical surveys.  Old fashioned boot-and-hammer prospecting of these targets resulted in discovery of a number of gold occurrences, including the Maisie gold deposit and Zone 9.  The company continues to utilize these same techniques to advance these discoveries as well as to search for new ones in this emerging gold district in the Appalachians of eastern Canada.

Unlocking Mysteries of the Bathurst Mining Camp

Solving technical puzzles in hard rock mining has always come through  collection of geological, geophysical and geochemical data and interpretation by highly qualified, experienced professionals.  The ingredients for success are quality data combined with top-notch geoscientific interpretation.

SLAM has proprietary rights to a huge database of work completed in the Bathurst Mining Camp(BMC), a legacy of SLAM’s participation in the Bathurst Joint Venture (BJV).  The Company utilizes this powerful tool for project generation, implementation and management.  The BMC is showing a resurgence of exploration activity and is emerging as a junior mining play.  SLAM’s strategic land package combined with access to this database will ensure that our company stays at the forefront of this potential base metal boom.

SLAM employs state-of-the-art techniques to integrate new data gathered by advanced technologies with historical geochemical, geophysical and geological surveys. In-depth interpretation is undertaken using advanced Geographic Information System (GIS) compilation and processing technologies to interpret complex geological features and mineral deposits.

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